PR 101: hyping it up, typing it up!

Hiya, Ladies!

Thank you for reading my first two blog posts and give me some feedbacks. It was such an amazing welcome to this blog-sphere. Anyway, writing about all the gushing and talking on Naked palette makes me wonder… how in the world Urban Decay could be successfully getting us ladies all hyped up towards ALL those four palettes?! Well, other than its quality and it’s just us that crazy about make up, I think they have a really good PR programme. Oh yes, this is my other post of having the perks as a PR girl: always thinking everything in PR way. Ha.

Well, shout out to all the beauty darlings on this blog-sphere! I think you guys have all the works here. With all those followers and network you have, of course you have an important part of UD succession on Naked palette hype from your review. Let’s break it down…


UD Naked 3 Review from Vivianna Does Makeup

I think, what’s happening here can be described in PR theory of endorsement. However, the issue right now has change! Yes, previously, endorsement is all about celebrity. But now, all the company (or brand) has started to keep their eyes on bloggers. It was all started when blog become a thing several years ago. We didn’t realise it back then, but, yeah, bloggers, right now, have the same influence as the A-listers! And this is what makes companies and brands interested to us. We could help them enhance their products’ promotion, or, even better, sales.

It’s not an easy task, though. Endorsement is not like we’re doing advertising.. well, sort of, but not really. So, if you think the PR officer from a brand paying a blogger to write something nice about their product, sorry honey, you’re wrong. If you do it that way, I don’t think it would work as people nowadays have become really critical about everything. They would know that it was just some kind of a favourable message. What people want to see is an honest review from the blog, seeing if this or that products is gonna worth their money or attention. So, I think, what is really happening now is, a brand made a giveaway for the tester of their product to bloggers… aaaand, it is how you can convince them to review your product. Bloggers are busy too, you know.

Other than that, I think social media also made its magic here. UD is known to be so advance on their PR 2.0 programme. This season, they made an Instagram contest for the launching of Naked 3. But, I won’t talk about it further here.. maybe next time.

So, what do you think? Hit me up if you have something to say 😉

Until next post… Ta!