1D Day and its Perks in PR

Before I start it all, I just want to say… put all those judgy eyes away from me! Yes, I’m a fan of these five British babes. Yes, I love their music. So what, big deal.

Okay, moving on…

As a One D fans, of course you know that they really care and appreciate their fans. Quoting the famous word from Mr. Grey, they aim to please. Ha. So, in order to celebrate their new album, the boys invited all of the fans (and other people who, maybe, secretly a fans or in a denial stage) to join them on a 7 hours long live streaming on YouTube. Oh, cheers! They know that we have been asking so, so many times for them to continue their video diary – just like what they did on the X-Factor era.

One Direction 1D Day

One Direction 1D Day

Having to know that there’s going to be a 7 hours long with them, all I did was… SQUEAL. I was so excited. No, I was beyond excited. Lol. But then I realise… This is a PR/marketing thing. Oh the perks of being a PR girl… noticing and connecting everything as a PR campaign. Lol. But, really though. HQ, you did a great job on this. This event is a PR tactic to engage with their fans to build supports for their new album, although their main purposes are to get more buzz on the launch of their new album and more sales. Here, I will break down my PR analysis regarding this event from my previous essay on uni. Yes, they were my case study on my essay. I swear I’m not that obsessed?

Tactic, according to Smith (2013), is part of the tangible element of strategic communication. It is considered as the participation that is done by the target audience, on this instance is an online special event. In this matter, One Direction also choose social media to support its campaign. They uses Twitter and Facebook to enlighten all the fans and ask them to join The 1D Day and participate on sending some ideas of challenge that ‘the boys’ could do. One Direction and their team choose this tactic for the interactivity that could bring them closer to their fans.

Furthermore, One Direction and their rep targeted the fans as their main audience. The group’s fanatics are mostly youngsters that are acquainted with online interaction, therefore they choose an online broadcast tactic on Livestream. In addition, using social media as their tactic also help them to reach all of their fans, as they have a huge amount of fans that spread in around the world. A media relations also being used on this project, as One Direction’s PR team cooperate with some radio to help promote this event and do a competition to win a chance to be on the Livestream along with the group.

Additionally, with this event helps the group to maintain their relationship with their fans. It is also help ‘the boys’ to maintain their image and reputation as a group music that care and appreciate its fans. Lastly, this event makes people, particularly One Direction die-hard fans, anticipating the new album launching even more excitedly.

Highlights of the 1D Day

Highlights of the 1D Day

What do you think? Feel free to hit me up on the comment box below to share what you think 🙂

Until next post… Ta!


One thought on “1D Day and its Perks in PR

  1. I agree with you 100% , I am a PR girl and although it may have looked sloppy in some areas (Dr. Who linkup , Piers was unnecessary and the sound problems) it was genius. Most if not all of their fans have had to watch all their old you tube interviews and diaries to maintain some kind of connection with the band. With this they have 7 hours of videos to watch , analyze and make gifs etc and this generated excitement for the album. It was brilliant the Jerry Springer part could have been longer and they could have asked Simon more questions , , at the end of the day it was a good idea.

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